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About Mandiri Bank

Mandiri Bank was established on 2 October 1998 as part of Banking restructuration program by Indonesian Government. It was formed by merging four (4) former banks that had also contributed significantly to the Indonesian Economy.

After going through a comprehensive process of consolidation and integration in all aspects, Mandiri Bank succeeded in building a solid organization system as a bank and implementing a new integrated core banking system replacing the core banking system of the former four legacy’s banks. Since that, Mandiri Bank keep performing well in terms of profit.

The year 2005 was a turning point for Mandiri, where it decided to become a Superior Bank in the region through a number of transformation programs, including improving its employee standard in terms of Trust, Integrity, Professionalism, Customer Focus and Excellence. Mandiri engages in the provision of general banking services and operates through the following segments: Corporate; Commercial and Business; Micro and Retail; Consumer; Treasury, Financial Institution and Special Asset Management; Institutional Banking; Shariah Subsidiary; Insurance Subsidiary and other Subsidiaries enganging in consumer financing, remittances, securities and investments.

In continuing to improve its performance, in 2014 Mandiri Bank set its target to be 5 Top Banks in Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), whilst long-term vision is “To be the best Bank in ASEAN by 2020”. And in 2018 Bank Mandiri was ranked 11th in Forbes’ World’s Best Employers, higher than any Indonesian company and some worlds’ leading companies such as Volkswagen, Mastercard, Facebook, Nike, and Prudential Financial.