Mandiri Bintan Marathon 2020 was postponed to 2021

After much deliberation and careful consideration, The Organizing Committee together with all stakeholders have decided to postpone the event to 3rd – 4th July 2021 dues to Covid-19 outbreak around the world. We had to take this decision as the safety and health of our participants/supporters, crew and committee, our partners/sponsors and community in Bintan Island is paramount and must be at the top of our minds. This we feel is the right thing to do.


Escape to Bintan for a scenic run-cation at the Mandiri Bintan Marathon and discover the island’s hidden gems!

Bintan Resorts will be hosting the 3rd edition of the Bintan Marathon, jointly organised by Bintan Resorts, PT Medianusa Permana and Singapore’s Orange Room.

Running enthusiasts can sign up for the Mandiri Bintan Marathon, happening on the 3rd and 4th July 2021, and enjoy a run-cation just a 60 minutes ferry ride away from Singapore’s cityscape! The scenic marathon route offers a wide range of distances for all; 1.2km Kids Run, 3km Fun Run, 10km Run, 21km Half Marathon, 42km Full Marathon. The marathon is aiming to host up to 5000 runners with the expanded categories, up from 3000 runners in 2019.

Enjoy the picturesque waterfronts and pristine beaches of Lagoi Bay in Bintan Island as you experience exciting, new marathon routes just 60 minutes away from Singapore’s cityscape!

This year’s Mandiri Bintan Marathon concept will emphasize the maritime aspect of Bintan’s Malay Kingdom history, represented by the depiction of Lancang Kuning silhouette on the medal’s design.

Lancang Kuning Philosophy:
The Lancang Kuning boat is one of the Malay traditional boat types. It is a large ship used by Malay kings to sail the seas and as a war vessel. This ship is also a sign of command of the war fleet in the ocean that is controlled by the admiral or the Malay king. It symbolizes the greatness, glory, power, and heroism of these kings. The word “lancang” itself, is derived from the word “kencang” which means fast. The Lancang Kuning image carved on the face of the race medal symbolizes the glory, victory, and achievement of the runners who have managed to conquer all physical boundaries and get to the finish line. The speedy and high-tenacity nature of the war vessel has a strong correlation with marathon runners who rely on their speed and perseverance to finish the race and achieve glory. It is hoped that the medal will depict the effort of each finisher and also endorse Bintan’s Malay culture to the world through this event.

Itik Sekawan Motif Philosophy:
“Itik Sekawan” or “Itik Pulang Petang” symbolizes a raft of ducks naturally returning to their cages in the evening. This pattern depicts ducks that always walk together in a synchronized and rhythmic manner, comparable to the Malay culture which upholds togetherness. As one of the Malay’s original motif, Itik Sekawan was chosen as it represents Malay’s core values including solidarity and the sense of community. Solidarity and sportsmanship are the core values that also need to be upheld by every athlete. Itik Sekawan symbolizes how every runner needs to endorse those values and respect each other. This concept is in line with the basic values of the Malay community which are togetherness and solidarity. The presence of Itik Sekawan motif in the back of the race medal is to symbolize the other side of the competition, which is mutual respect among all runners and a sense of community endorsed by the event. It is also a way to show our commitment to promote our local culture to the broader audience.